How we got to .... The Shadow Coalition

The Shadow Coalition has been holed up in the recording studio at Ravenwood Studio ( writing, arranging, and recording our first album Destiny Drives Direction. We are super stoked with the CD and are ready to get out and play it to the world 

With that in mind we thought you might like to know how the name Shadow Coalition came about. First let’s introduce the guys in the photo (left to right) Gary Martin, Kevin Harrington (aka Herb Humpbuckle), Jamie Faw, Bijou

Back in the 90’s Herb played in the group called Water Line. Water Line was a cover band that splashed in original tunes to stretch their song writing skills. The group consisted of a drumer, lead guitar and rhythm guitar and vocal by Herb’s Wife Carol Harrington (aka Harriot Humpbuckle).  Waterline had a good two year run then went in different directions. Around that time Bijou on lead, Otto on keys (who was in Waterline with Herb), with drummer Mike comprised OMB (Otto, Mike, Bijou).  A couple of years passed and Mike left OMB, but Bijou and Otto kept on keeping on and created Sun Shadow. For several years Sun Shadow remained a duo with key boards and lead guitar playing around El Dorado County and creating original music. In 2004 Gary was new to music as an aspiring bass player, and a friend of Bijou and Otto and was brought aboard as the Sun Shadows bass player. Bijou and Otto worked with Gary until he became a competent bass player. The three played out together for three years creating a new and original sound. They were the ethereal group at Humpbuckle events with their synthesized original sounds. Otto decided to move on, so that left Sun Shadow back to a duo once again, Bijou and Gary. They decided to carry on, but also decided to rename Sun Shadow to Sum Shadow. 

Kevin and Carol, also known as Herb and  Harriot Humpbuckle  created “Humpbuckle” a three day music event that takes place every year over Labor Day weekend (story to follow in future posts).. The Humbuckles are characters that Kevin and Carol made up as a gag with each other, which turned into a gathering of musicians from the surrounding area that has been going strong for thirty four years.  Humpbuckle is a celebration of music by local musicians displaying their unique talents. Sun Shadow played their eclectic music at Humpbuckle and this is where Bijou and Herb became fast friends. 

In 2012 Jamie and Herb were talking after a New Years Eve event at the Shingle Springs Community Center, about the activities they had in common (creating events, different bands, song writing, sound production). At this same time Herb was reaching out to other musicians, looking to create a new sound … a “Super group”. Sum Shadow had been playing original music for about a year, when Bijou suggested to Herb that he and Gary join with Herb and Jamie to form that “Super group”. 

So it began the “Super group”!  Herb’s house was the spot, in his music room, every Wednesday night. Indeed this was a unique and new sound. As time traveled on and the songs kept developing, Jamie suggested that we move to his recording studio that, at the time, was in development. This was an exciting time where we were creating new and different arrangements to the music that Bijou and Herb had written over the years and laying down tracks in the new Ravenwood studio. 

 Musicians know the time comes to define the group’s personality with direction and a name.  Bijou is a contemplator who reasoned that we all had some relation to Sun Shadow so he figured that this was a alliance of related musicians. This coalition was fittingly named The Shadow Coalition. Not only did the chance meeting between Jamie and Herb inspired Herb to think out of the box and create an exciting new group, it developed a lifelong friendship with four talented guys. 

We ask a favor; listen to our music and if you like what you hear, please support The Shadow Coalition by getting yourself a copy of Destiny Drives Direction.   if you decide buy a copy of Destiny Drives Direction, we will include a custom sticker of the front cover artwork! Comments are always welcome


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