The Shadow Coalition keeps it together! The 10 song CD is a thrilling combination of laid-back rock and roll, Latin sounds, jazz, and jam music.”

Mountain Democrat

Robert (Bijou) Baszt 
(guitar & vocals):  

Bijou has been writing and playing music for nearly six decades, having started in 1964. Throughout his career, he has been a member of various bands in El Dorado County since 1968, including Apple Blue, The Second Coming, Crystal Frog, Godzilla Jives, Triad, Knowone, Safrito, Deb Smith Band, Charley Price and the Car Drivers, Isawah, Late for Dinner, Disting, You go I go, and Sun Shadow. Currently, he performs with Late for Dinner and The Shadow Coalition. 

Bijou's versatility as a musician is reflected in his eclectic taste for various musical genres, such as rock, funk, reggae, Latin, blues, jazz, new age, world beat, country, and folk.

Kevin Harrington, known by his stage name Herb Humpbuckle, is a highly skilled musician who plays the keyboard, guitar, and vocals with versatility. Over the years, he has been affiliated with numerous local bands such as Waterline, Chronic Jam, Mudd, Men With Wood, and The Barn Cats, and presently performs with The Whiskey Beggars and the Shadow Coalition. As a solid singer-songwriter, Kevin has a keen interest in creating intricate harmonies and arrangements. His lifelong dedication to music is evident, having been involved in both playing and promoting the art form.

Gary Martin 
Bass & Vocals 

Having picked up the bass guitar in 2005, Gary has been honing his skills as a bassist for over a decade. After spending three years playing with the Sun Shadow trio, he moved on to form Sum Shadow alongside his mentor and friend, Robert "Bijou" Baszt. In 2010, he was invited to join the Shadow Coalition, where he has since continued to develop his abilities across a diverse range of musical genres, including rock, reggae, Latin, and new age styles.